Catch Martin Loschwitz and Syed Armani talking about Ceph this week!

Just coming off Percona Live 2014, we're speaking at two more conferences this week: the Open Source Data Center conference in Berlin, and the OpenStack India meetup in Mumbai. We'll have two of our best speakers covering Ceph at both of these events.

OpenStack & Ceph: A perfect match?

An overview of Ceph integration with OpenStack, presented at Ceph Day in Frankfurt, Germany (February 2014).

Fun with extended attributes in Ceph Dumpling

This is a rather nasty bug in Ceph OSD, affecting 0.67 "Dumpling" and earlier releases. It is fixed in versions later than 0.70, and a simple workaround is available, but when it hits, this issue can be pretty painful.

Please read this post to the end. This is by no means a punch being thrown at Ceph, in fact it rather clearly illustrates a very sane choice that the Ceph developers have made. If you run Ceph Emperor or later, you are not affected by this issue, but it will be an interesting read in data integrity in distributed systems anyway.

Unrecoverable unfound objects in Ceph 0.67 and earlier

As Ceph author Sage Weil points out frequently, distributed storage solutions for all their goodness have a "dirty little secret": No matter just how redundant and reliable they are by design, a bug in the storage software itself can be a real issue.

And occasionally, the bug doesn't have to be in the storage software itself.

OpenStack Italia User Group Meetup, Milan, June 20

Last week, I did a quick trip to Milan in order to speak at the fourth OpenStack User Group Italia meetup, hosted at Coworking Login by local ISP Enter.

Ceph: object storage, block storage, file system, replication, massive scalability and then some!

Florian teams up with Tim Serong from SUSE in this tutorial presented at linux.conf.au 2013. 

Ceph: The Storage Stack for OpenStack

Florian's presentation from OpenStack Israel 2013. After a brief introduction into Ceph, Florian dives into OpenStack specific Ceph features and outlines RBD integration with Glance and Cinder, and explains RadosGW Swift compatibility.

Enter the cuttlefish!

Today, the developers released Ceph 0.61, codenamed cuttlefish. There are some interesting features in this new release, take a look.

On our cooperation with Inktank

Today, we announced a cooperation with Inktank. Here's a bit of background on that.