About hastexo

High Availability, distributed storage, and cloud technology are crucial aspects of modern information technology infrastructures. A key requirement for any organization is to keep critical services running 24/7, scalable, and reliable. And that's what we help you do.

Our staff has a unique array of technical expertise in free and open source software (F/OSS) high availability, distributed storage and cloud solutions, and holds an excellent reputation among our customers.

Florian Haas, Andreas Kurz and Martin Loschwitz founded hastexo in 2011. All three founders are well respected in the F/OSS community, have frequently contributed to open-source software and technical documentation, and have deployed resilient, scalable configurations in many diverse environments. Our growing team continues to expand that solid base into wider and more diverse areas.

At hastexo, we make a point of helping our customers flexibly, reliably, and fast. We have  designed a system that enables new customers to engage us and talk directly to a knowledgeable engineer within minutes of visiting our web site. We have a payment system that is flexible and easy to use, and that applies to our full array of services.

We can offer remote consultancy, on-site consultancy, training services, and a specialized package that determines your high-availability environment's health rapidly. Our services are available world-wide, and we can create custom service packages for you easily.

Questions? We'll be happy to help!