Andreas Kurz

Andreas has more than 10 years' experience encompassing a broad range of technologies essential for successful high availability system design. Starting with several years of maintaining, tuning, troubleshooting and designing proprietary network, backup, cluster, storage and server systems, he gained broad and deep knowledge on the most critical aspects of system and service availability.

With the rise of GNU/Linux in the enterprise, Andreas specialized on open source software based systems, particularly focused on High Availability (HA). In doing so, he broadened his field of activity with training and instructor activities to successfully share this HA knowledge with customers.

Today, Andreas is hastexo's top performance expert, excelling at tuning systems for optimal throughput and latency. He is highly versed in advanced storage technologies like Ceph, GlusterFS and Swift, and has repeatedly delivered deep performance analyses on each of these platforms. His performance expertise also extends to the Linux kernel, the Linux network stack, and various hypervisors such as KVM and Xen.

Andreas is also highly expert in deployment and system automation technology like Chef and Puppet, and is deeply familiar with the OpenStack cloud platform.

His willingness to study and keep track of the latest technologies to anticipate upcoming technology trends, and to improve currently available systems, is crucial for his role as CTO at hastexo. Being an active participant of the open-source high availability community, you can often find him on the Freenode IRC channels #drbd, #linux-ha and #linuxcluster with his IRC nick andreask. He is also on #ceph on OFTC, where he is one of the Ceph community's regular Geeks on Duty.