hastexo, renowned for its consulting and training services in open-source distributed infrastructure technology, announced today that it is bringing the flexibility and scalability of the Open edX learning management system to the OpenStack platform. hastexo is offering an array of new services in OpenStack to select customers, available immediately.

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BIT.Group is a professional services provider with offices in Germany and PR China, and a headcount of more than 300 employees. An SAP Gold Partner, BIT.Group has a long-standing cooperation with SAP AG to provide top-notch SAP solutions to customers in EMEA and across the globe.

BIT.Group operates BIT.Cloud, an Apache CloudStack based multi-tenant private/public cloud environment based on Ceph distributed storage.

In a three-day training engagement, hastexo Principal Consultant and instructor Florian Haas worked with a team of BIT.Group storage experts to expand the team's Ceph knowledge and optimize the system for performance and stability.

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