One year in!

We've been fully operational for one year today. Time to take a quick breath and look back at a year that was among the most exciting in our lives, and time to look ahead to the next 12 months. In which things are likely to get even better.

Exactly one year ago, on Oct 4 2011 at about 0730 UTC, our website went live and hastexo became fully operational. One month prior, we hadn't even legally existed. Within four weeks we had bootstrapped the company, this web site (designed in no small part by Selina König), our Professional Service Credits system, Ask The Expert Now, our hosted infrastructure (at IPAX), world-wide dial-in availability (courtesy of Tropo), and the nucleus of our service portfolio. And we were a little proud of that, and excited to finally go live.

One year in, we have rapidly expanded our coverage to include smoking hot technology like OpenStack, GlusterFS and Ceph, we've added classroom training like our Cloud Bootcamp for OpenStack and a highly popular standardized service offering, Availability Checkup. We've learned to function extremely efficiently as a distributed company where anyone can work from anywhere, any time of the day and week, in any mode or manner we choose. We've also built excellent relationships in a variety of open source communities, including the OpenStack crowd, the MySQL community, and the distributed storage folks. And we're a little proud of that too.

But most importantly, we've built stable and lasting customer relationships with 55 different companies spread out across five continents. That's more than one new customer every week, and going from zero I think that's pretty impressive. And this is something that we're not so much proud of as we're honored and humbled — to be able to interact with absolutely top-notch information technology experts, working in places from 5-person startups to multibillion dollar public companies. We're blessed to be able to do this on a daily basis, and we are extraordinarily grateful for that.

Looking ahead, there's one thing we're definitely not doing, and that is slow down. We have a fantastic sales pipeline with lots of exciting projects lined up. We've just announced a new Cloud Bootcamp. We will be speaking at the OpenStack Summit, the Open Source Monitoring Conference, LinuxCon Europe, Percona Live UK, and And we will shortly be announcing our training schedule for 2013. 

And that means, of course, that we're expanding our team. We're currently looking for people on the U.S. West Coast and in Australia specifically, but we'll be looking to fill positions all around the globe in the next 12 months. So if you're up for the challenge, take a look at the information available here, and get in touch!