An excellent quick trip to Budapest

Yesterday, on a kind invitation from Márton Kiss from Xemeti, I had the pleasure to do a presentation on OpenStack High Availability at the OpenStack Hungary Meetup Group's monthly meeting. Budapest practically being in my back yard (it's only about 3 hours by train from Vienna, where I am based), I greatly enjoyed the quick trip.

The venue, Bonnie Restro on Ferenciek tere in central Budapest, was an exceptionally good choice. Super easy to get to, nice separate room in the basement that could comfortably seat 30 people, complete with a projector installed overhead, excellent food, and good beer on tap. It's hardly suprising that the room was packed.

Mark Atwood went first with a presentation on Stackato and HP cloud, then I followed about OpenStack High Availability. (My slides from the talk are here.) And then everybody just started chatting and talking shop. We adjourned at approximately 11pm. HP and hastexo split the bill with Mark picking up the beer tab, and myself taking care of food.

Then this morning, I stopped by the NetAcademia office (also in central Budapest) where the week after next we will be doing our Cloud Bootcamp for OpenStack class. This is an excellent training venue, and we still have seats available! And for those who attended the meetup there's even a super awesome meetup discount. Didn't make the meetup, and want to get into the class for cheap? If so, then maybe going through the slides is a really good idea. ;)

Overall, an excellent experience. We're very much looking forward to returning to Budapest!