It's May. It must be OpenStack Month!

This month my own schedule, and that of hastexo, is full of OpenStack. Here are the details.

It's May, or as we call it in Europe and the Mediterranean, OpenStack Month. The May 24 inaugural OpenStack DACH Day in Berlin (co-located with LinuxTag) is only three weeks away, and tickets are going away fast. You should register as soon as you can. Did you know that the OpenStack Foundation supports this event and you're getting free tickets to LinuxTag and LinuxNacht with your OpenStack DACH Day registration, which, you guessed it, is also free? Well, now you do. We have a fantastic speaker lineup including Monty Taylor, who recently earned geek celebrity status by getting his very own Wired profile.

Then it's off to Tel Aviv for me to speak at OpenStack Israel on the 27th (register here). I am joining another great lineup of presenters including Jonathan Bryce, the Executive Director of the Foundation himself, and will be speaking about Ceph and how it makes a great universal storage backend for OpenStack.

And finally, Martin is representing us at OpenStack CEE in Budapest on May 29. There, he is joining the likes of Alessandro Pilotti, Tim Bell and others at the fancy 5-star Boscolo Hotel in Central Budapest. Registration for this event is here.

You think that's it? Nope.

  • Just the week after next, I am joining our own Syed Armani for OpenStack training in the National Capital Region of India. 
  • Then at the end of June, Martin is returning to Berlin to teach a 4-day in-depth OpenStack course in German, OpenStack für Profis, at Heinlein Akademie.
  • And in July, I'm tackling the installation of an OpenStack cloud, from scratch, in 3½ hours, with a roomful at OSCON attendees. It's the OpenStack Tour de Force. Interested? Well, you're being served: here's the registration link for that too. You can use the special discount code HAAS to shave 20% off your OSCON ticket price.

Questions? Comments? Just leave them at the bottom and I'll be happy to answer them. See you soon!

Update: Claire Massey, the Foundation's marketing director, has additional information in a blog post of her own.