Bem-vindo, Adolfo Brandes!

This week, Adolfo Brandes has joined hastexo. We're extremely happy to have Adolfo on board, and here are a few words about our newest hire.

Adolfo joins us from Ubatuba, Brazil, which in his own words is "just outside Rio". Now, you'll have to put this into a Brazilian perspective where "just outside" means a 3-hour drive, and in fact the ability to work from home (as we all do) was a major factor influencing Adolfo's decision to work with us. I met Adolfo several months back at an OpenStack event hosted by eNovance in Paris, and we've been in touch ever since.

Most recently, Adolfo has been a full-time mentor at Upstream University, guiding new developers to becoming full-fledged contributors to open source projects, including OpenStack. Previously, Adolfo has served in consultant and developer roles in several companies in Brazil. And when he's not hacking or helping customers succeed, Adolfo is a passionate barefoot runner.

This is a very exciting step for us. Adolfo is our first hire in Latin America (one of the most quickly growing OpenStack markets), and he brings extraordinary experience as an developer, consultant, instructor and mentor to the table. His expertise will make a big difference to our thriving training and consulting business. We are extremely lucky to have him, and we're looking forward to exciting times!

Happy to have you on board, Adolfo — let's be awesome!


Very happy to be on board!

Very happy to be on board!  Thanks for the great post, Florian. :)