Every month, our HX201 Cloud Fundamentals for OpenStack course gets a refresh. Usually, those are small, incremental changes, but this December there's a bigger update.

OpenStack Newton

Firstly, we've updated the course from OpenStack Mitaka to OpenStack Newton, the latest OpenStack release that dropped just a few weeks back. This means that you now get to deploy an OpenStack cluster, live and fully interactively as before — except you are now deploying the very latest OpenStack release.

Ubuntu-branded OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) running on OpenStack

Ubuntu-branded OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) running on OpenStack Newton (screenshot taken from HX201 course)

Juju 2.0

As always, the course comes in two flavors: one with OpenStack managed with OpenStack-Ansible, and another with Juju. And as far as Juju is concerned, here's the other big change: the entire course now runs based on Juju 2.0.

This also means you get to deploy your OpenStack services into LXD containers, have a new and improved Juju GUI at your disposal, and are able to take advantage of the much more intuitive CLI.

Juju 2.0 GUI

Juju 2.0 GUI with fully deployed OpenStack (screenshot taken from HX201 course)

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

And finally, of course, this refresh means that we've also updated to the latest Ubuntu LTS release (16.04 Xenial Xerus). This goes for both the Ansible and the Juju 2.0 course flavor.

Get it while it's hot!

Want to get some new knowledge into your system before the year is over? Now is your chance. HX201 is available for purchase from our web site, and you can get cracking any time.


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