Hello everyone, Florian here. So, as you may have read in the press release, we’ve been acquired by City Network. Here’s a little bit more detail on what that means, and what’s going to happen next.

First, my small team and I will integrate into the City Networks organization. I will be joining City as VP of Professional Services and Education, and we will support and grow the City Network PS and training organization, as well as give the current hiring run an extra boost. (Do you want to work with us, from anywhere? Give us a shout.)

hastexo Professional Services GmbH, the legal entity in Austria, continues to exist. With it, all of our contractual obligations and commitments continue to be in full force, so if you’re currently our valued customer, partner, or supplier, nothing in our relationship will change until further notice. You’ll be able to continue to interact with us as before, it’s just that we now have a larger team to fall back on — which is equally good for you, and for us.

I will be contacting many of you in the coming weeks to discuss how we can serve you even better.

My entire team has worked and interacted very closely with our now-colleagues for over more than a year already. As such, while I do expect some inevitable friction that always arises when you make two teams one, I’m very optimistic that we’ll pull off a smooth integration process.

Any time is a good time to say thank you, but this is one of those occasions where it’s a particularly good time.

  • My team, the people at hastexo, are awesome. They’re incredibly smart and determined, they get the value of open source and community engagement, and are a tremendous pleasure to work with.

  • Our customers are fantastic. This company has never taken on debt or external investment, so good, recurring working relationships with our customers (and thus, an operational profit) are what have always kept this company going, enabled us to innovate, and paid our salaries. Thank you for your support over these past 6 years.

  • The communities we are a part of are, each in their own way, great. The OpenStack, Ceph, and Open edX communities are wildly different in many respects, but they have given us terrific platforms to build on, and ample opportunity for us to make our modest contributions. Thank you, hundreds of developers, many of whom we don’t even know by name, let alone face.

  • I also don’t want to forget my two co-founders. Martin and Andreas launched this boat with me in 2011, and although they didn’t stay on for the full ride (as it turned out, it was almost exactly half the ride), many of the early contributions they made had a lasting impact on the company. So thank you, guys, for making the initial push and bootstrapping the company with me.

  • And finally, of course, thanks to Kim Hindart, City Network’s CSO, who walked up to me after this talk at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo 2015 to introduce himself in a conversation that culminated, almost two years later, in us becoming colleagues.

And with that, thank you for reading — and we’re back to work!


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