Presenting OpenStack at the LinuxTag 2012 in Berlin, Germany

I am happy and proud to announce that my proposal for a presentation of OpenStack at the LinuxTag 2012 in Berlin, Germany, was accepted by the organizational committee! I'll have the opportunity to present the OpenStack cloud solution on May 25, 2012 from 16:30 to 17:15 in the room "Europa II". The presentation will be held in German.

LinuxTag has always been an awesome event in the past, and especially for me: 9 years ago, my career as a conference speaker started during LinuxTag 2003 with a BoF session I did together with Sebastian Ley on the then-revolutionary Debian Installer (those who still remember -- please raise your walking sticks!).

If you are interested in the details on OpenStack, then this is your chance to get them (and of course, this is also your chance to visit Germany's beautiful capital and meet lots of interesting people during LinuxTag 2012). 

This year's edition of the LinuxTag is happening right after hastexo's Cloud Jumpstart for OpenStack training, so if you already know that you actually want to deploy OpenStack, then this is a good opportunity to learn all the things you need about OpenStack and visit LinuxTag afterwards. Booking a seat in our training gets you a LinuxTag entrance ticket for free -- see you in Berlin!