OpenStack Delhi Meetup

On 22nd Feb, OpenStack India User Group along with GlobalLogic organised an OpenStack meetup in Delhi, NCR, India.

GlobalLogic India hosted the event and they were kind enough to provide transportation and food for the attendees. More than 100 Instackers attended the meetup including professors, researchers and people from several companies. The meetup started with Aparajita from GlobalLogic giving a talk on “Integration of OpenStack with Enterprise Cloud Lifecycle Management Solution”.  Aparajita gave an overview how they are integrating OpenStack with a single management tool to control all the different available cloud environments (OpenStack, CloudStack, VmWare etc). They also forwarded some suggestions  on scope of improvement on some components of OpenStack like Network API, Project Hierarchy, API specification (auto generated WADL will be helpful).

I presented the second talk, I gave an overview of “High Availability in OpenStack”. On Florian’s suggestion i used impress.js for my presentation and it did work out very well. Everyone liked it. I started by explaining Infrastructure HA, when we talk about Infrastructure HA we have to consider at least 5 openstack node types mainly Cloud Controller, API Node, Network Node, Compute Node, Storage Controller. These nodes can be made highly available by using the reference configurations for Pacemaker/Corosync.

Secondly there is guest high availability in OpenStack, which is addressed in the grizzly cycle.I covered a few new things which are introduced in Nova recently like Evacuate i.e “Host Evacuation when it is dead”. VM Ensembles, a means of grouping guests so that Nova can schedule them in a resilient fashion. After that i covered HA for OpenStack Networking.

The third talk was presented by Sajid Akhtar from NetApp. He spoke on Cinder. He gave a demo how NetApp drivers integrate with OpenStack cinder. He also talked about cinder protocol enhancement support for file-based storage like management of CIFS and NFS file sharing to OpenStack. Again the guy faced the maximum number of questions from the audience.

The last talk was presented by Ritesh Nanda. He gave a talk on OpenStack Networking. He talked about the functions of dhcp and l3 agents. Ritesh expanded on the functionality available inOpenStack Networking  and its various plugins.

Lastly many thanks to GlobalLogic for their hospitality and making it a successful meetup.

PS: We have also submitted a talk on HA update for Grizzly at OpenStack Summit. Please do vote for us if you want to know more about HA in OpenStack.