Migrating virtual machines from block-based storage to RADOS/Ceph

Ceph allows you to replace existing SAN storage (or SAN drop-in substitutes) with a flexible storage solution with real scale-out capabilities. Here is how you migrate existing virtual machines managed by libvirt from block-based storage to a Ceph based storage solution.

Roll Your Own Cloud

In this talk (with a highly unusual presentation style!), Florian and Tim Serong explore the capabilities of KVM, iSCSI, DRBD and Pacemaker to create a fully open-source enterprise cloud.



Fencing in Libvirt/KVM virtualized cluster nodes

Often, people deploy the Pacemaker stack in virtual environments for purposes of testing and evaluation. In such environments, it's easy to test Pacemaker's fencing capabilities by tying in with the hypervisor.

Virtualization Cluster with KVM and Libvirt

Cost Estimate


  • 2 servers with sufficient resource capacities (CPU, RAM, HDD), VT-capable
  • One of the following distributions:
    • Debian (6.0 or higher), 
    • Ubuntu (10.04 or higher),
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux (5 or higher) or compatible or
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (11 SP1 or higher)
  • Two independent cluster communication channels (IP network)
  • No live migration feature enabled

Included Tasks: 

  • Installation of DRBD
  • Setup of a DRBD resource 
  • Inst


Virtualization is a key component of any contemporary infrastructure. And unfortunately, it multiplies the effects of hardware outages: if a physical server fails, then this affects multiple virtual machines and service. When talking about virtualization, it's thus crucial to also talk about High Availability.

We have a long history of developing and implementing virtualization with DRBD and Pacemaker. Florian published the first resource agent that could control the libvirt virtualization framework from of Pacemaker. Thousands of people have heard our presentations on virtualization with DRBD and iSCSI. If you want highly-available virtualization, we will be happy to assist.

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