Disaster Recovery

You did your best to secure your setup against outages caused by hardware failures or infrastructure outages? That's great! But would your setup survive a catastrophic failure? This is where disaster recovery comes in. And with the Linux Cluster Stack, you've already got all the tools for effective disaster recovery in your hands!

Disaster doesn't strike often, but it does strike

Many people consider it a pointless exercise to even think about natural or man-made disasters. History proves them wrong: Natural disasters have regularly destroyed IT infrastructure whenever they happened. Good examples are the 2002 Elbe flood in Germany (amongst other facilities, the NOC at the Dresden University of Technology was completely flooded) or Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed numerous datacenters along its path. And such cataclysms aren't even the only real danger: In 2002, a fire destroyed Twente University's server room. By the way – ever wonder what happens if a backhoe cuts your datacenter's network uplink?

Better safe than sorry

No matter whether your platform becomes unavailable due to physical damage or for less dramatic reasons: If you rely on your online services (and really, who does not?), any extended downtime can easily kill your business. But that doesn't need be! The Linux Cluster Stack together with DRBD allows you for comprehensive disaster recovery scenarios. Outwit Murphy! 

3-node replication with DRBD

Getting your data replicated to another site is the first step on the way to datacenter independence. DRBD's 3-node replication feature takes care of this for you. If your primary site goes south, a full copy of your most recent data will be available in your second datacenter. Combining this with a set of application servers and a BGP-routed IP network will enable you to be online within minutes after a site failure. Sounds tempting?

We've been there, we've done that

We're who you're looking for if you want high availability across datacenters. We can help you plan and implement disaster recovery concepts just like we did for many customers before. And we know the necessary components inside and out.

Want to sleep soundly? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business. Our expert disaster recovery consulting services will make a difference. Ask The Expert Now!