Fencing (STONITH)

Fencing, also known as STONITH, is a crucial and often-overlooked component of high-availability clustering. Fencing protects your data in the face of network communication problems and misbehaving cluster node. In short, fencing keeps things from breaking when bad things happen.

Fencing is challenging. When not properly configured, things go wrong. Failure to do fencing properly can cause extended outages and down time, or even jeopardize data.

We know fencing inside and out. We can support you with a variety of fencing devices readily available for your cluster, including IPMI, iLO, DRAC and power fencing.

Check out our presentation on fencing given at Linuxcon Europe: Fencing and Maintaining Sanity in High-Availability Clusters.

Got an issue with fencing? Nervous about cluster failover? Or is your cluster in a failed fencing state, and you need help right now? We're here to help with our expert fencing consulting services. Ask The Expert Now!