Pacemaker is the state of the art cluster resource manager for Linux and the Linux-HA stack. It constitutes the "upper" half of a cluster infrastructure (the "lower" half is the cluster communications layer, such as Heartbeat or Corosync).

We're proud to have been an integral part of the Pacemaker community since its beginning. Florian is the leading person behind resource agents like the one for virtual domains (ocf:heartbeat:VirtualDomain) and has contributed many other patches and bugfixes. He also frequently presents Pacemaker tutorials at open-source conferences. Martin has made himself a name as maintainer of the Pacemaker-based cluster stack for Debian GNU/Linux, and has devised a full training curriculum around Pacemaker. Andreas is one of the most well-versed Pacemaker specialists in the world.

Long story short: If you need Pacemaker support, we'll be here to help.

What's it good for?

Pacemaker controls, manages and recovers cluster resources. A resource can be anything from a virtual IP address, to a cluster managed filesystem, to a complex application.

Pacemaker's controls resources on cluster nodes through resource agents. Resource agents exist for virtually any application; even old-fashioned LSB init scripts can serve as resource agents if they support the start, stop and status operations.

Pacemaker has an internal policy mechanism that allows for seamless creation of highly complex setups with many dependencies between individual resources. With Pacemaker, you have fine grained control over

  • what resources
  • should run where
  • in which order
  • under what circumstances
  • at what time.

Pacemaker is, by far, the most powerful cluster resource manager in existence for the Linux platform. It is the standard cluster resource manager in SLES, Ubuntu, and Debian GNU/Linux, and is expected to replace Red Hat Cluster in future RHEL versions.

I'm on legacy Heartbeat. Can I migrate?

You can, and indeed you should. The legacy Heartbeat "haresources" cluster resource framework is no longer supported by the upstream developers. We can assist you in the migration.

I'm on CMAN. Can I migrate?

Yes, although you should check with your distro vendor regarding your support status. We can assist you in the migration.

Whatever Pacemaker related question you have, we can answer it. We can offer a wide array of Pacemaker consulting services. Need help quickly? Ask The Expert Now!