OpenStack™ Cloud

If you want to build your own cloud, then OpenStack is for you: it provides you with all the tools you need to make the most out of virtualization, efficient and flexible as you wouldn't have considered possible.

hastexo is well-connected within the OpenStack development community. We've published on the subject in numerous publications, and we frequently do technical presentations on OpenStack. Our professional services and our Cloud Jumpstart class are Built for OpenStack. Thus, we are the ideal partner if you want to you deploy OpenStack in your environment!

How does it work?

Everybody is talking about the cloud these days. Ask yourself what a cloud really is: A framework that allows you to efficiently and dynamically manage virtualization and storage facilities, giving your users the chance to request computing power and disk space as they need it. OpenStack does exactly that: It lays all the power over your virtualization servers and storages into your hands. And it comes with an intuitive and thus easy to use management interface.

  • OpenStack Nova: This is the main computing component, managing the virtualization hosts, the network between them and all existing virtual machines.
  • OpenStack Glance: Thanks to this service, it's easy for you and your users to start new virtual machines. Pre-built operating system images can be stored within Glance and are then available on demand.
  • OpenStack Swift: While many consider the cloud to be about virtualization only, also storage is an important aspect of the cloud principle. The Swift object store allows for easy and scalable file storage within the cloud.
  • OpenStack Horizon: This is OpenStack's web interface (dashboard) that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your cloud like user management (via Keystone) or VM management.

If you want to build a virtualization platform that is easy to administer and very flexible, then OpenStack will pave your way into the cloud.

Open new horizons with OpenStack!

If you want to find out how OpenStack can push your infrastructure further, or if you need help with implementing the solution, we can help. Drop us a note for OpenStack consulting services and get going immediately!