Ask The Expert Now!

Please note: Starting October 1, 2015, Ask The Expert Now is available to all customers with a positive Professional Service Credits Balance as of that day.

Need help with your High Availability, Distributed Storage, or OpenStack setup? Ask The Expert Now™ is our unique offering that provides expert help when you need it most: Right Now.

Ask The Expert Now™ is as simple as it gets.

Once you acquire a minimum of 5 credits, you'll automatically receive a personalized passcode which you can then use to call one of our support lines. We have lines set up in Europe, North America (toll free), and Australia.

  • And then you just call us. We'll put you through to an engineer directly. No mucking around.

Ask The Expert Now is available Monday through Friday, 0400 - 2100 UTC.

Questions about our offering? We'll be happy to answer them. Just drop us a line!