Remote Consultancy

Our remote consultancy services give you the opportunity to quickly get the help you need, exactly when you need it. Our Ask The Expert Now™ system enables you to talk to one of our consultants within minutes of visiting our web site.

No matter where you are: we won't leave you hanging.

What we cover

And if you're looking to optimize, tune or troubleshoot an OpenStack installation, you'll be in good hands here.

Our remote consultancy offering also covers the complete Linux-HA cluster stack. This includes the Heartbeat and Corosync cluster messaging layers and the Pacemaker cluster resource manager. And, of course, a multitude of cluster resource agents (service plug-ins), many of which our engineers have authored or actively contributed to.

We cover advanced highly-available storage solutions such as CephGlusterFS and DRBD. We can assist you with LAN, WAN, and high speed (10 GigE/DolphinExpress) storage networking, tuning and optimization, and much more.

How you engage us

Once you acquire Professional Service Credits, you'll immediately have access to Ask The Expert Now. You can talk to us — 24/7 — on the phone, Skype, IRC, Google Talk. If you have your credit card ready, you can get going in minutes. Try it!

Quick help or long-term support: you decide!

We’re as flexible as you are when it comes to determining the length of a support relationship. Our remote consultancy is available on an hourly or daily basis. Do you need a helping hand to solve a problem you are stuck with right now? Or do you want us to help you design and set up a full-blown HA setup? Our remote offering is the ideal solution whenever you need assistance quickly.