Available Discounts

We have a very attractive volume discount model — the more Credits you buy, the cheaper they get. Take a look!

# of Credits on order Volume discount Ideal for
less than 20 None Quick help!
20-39 5% Availability Checkup, Classroom Training (single attendee)
40-79 10% 1 day On-Site
80-159 15% Custom Training
160-319 20% 1 week On-Site, Classroom Training (multiple attendees)
320-639 25% Complex projects, OEM Consultancy
more than 640 30% Long-Term Partnership

Discounts are not limited to a specific type of service. Say you're booking on-site consultancy combined with classroom training, and both combined put your number of purchased credits in the 80+ bracket, you're eligible for a 15% discount on everything!

Additional discounts are available for non-profit and charitable organizations. Please contact us for details.