3-node disaster recovery with DRBD

Cost Estimate


  • 3 servers with sufficient resource capacities (CPU, RAM, HDD) housed in two different data centers
  • One of the following distributions:
    • Debian (6.0 or higher), 
    • Ubuntu (10.04 or higher),
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux (5 or higher) or compatible or
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (11 SP1 or higher)
  • Two independent cluster communication channels between the two nodes of the two-node cluster (IP network)
  • IP network connection between the two data centers

Included Tasks: 

  • Installation of DRBD (all nodes)
  • Setup of a DRBD resource (two-node cluster)
  • Installation of Heartbeat or Corosync (two-node cluster)
  • Setup redundant communication paths (two-node cluster)
  • Installation of Pacemaker (two-node cluster)
  • Basic configuration of Pacemaker (two-node cluster)
  • Setup of DRBD Proxy (all nodes)
  • Setup of DRBD 3-node replication (all nodes)
  • DRBD resource setup for Pacemaker (two-node cluster)
  • Thorough Testing (all nodes)

Estimated Cost: 

20 credits per node, 60 credits in total (add to cart)

Please note: while we have compiled these estimates using our multi-year experience deploying clusters, individual configurations, and effort involved may vary. However, we'll be happy to issue a fixed-bid Statement of Work based on your individual situation. Please contact us for details.