Fencing and Maintaining Sanity in High-Availability Clusters

A 45-minute talk co-presented by Florian and Madison Kelly at Linuxcon Europe 2011 in Prague. Florian and Madison explain the purpose of fencing, options for implementing fencing, and common pitfalls.

This presentation rounded out a series of high-availability talks at Linuxcon Europe 2011, the first Linuxcon event hosted by the Linux Foundation in Europe. Florian and Madison presented at the Clarion Congress hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, in the main conference track.

As Florian and Madison both have a strong dislike of boring "death by Powerpoint" bullet-point slides, you will see the slides are not entirely self-explanatory by themselves. However, both their email addresses are given near the end of the talk, and they are both more than happy to answer follow-up questions.


Thank you for Sharing

Thank you for Sharing


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