GlusterFS in High Availability Clusters

Florian's Pacemaker presentation from the GlusterFS Workshop at LinuxCon Europe 2012. Presented in Barcelona in November of 2012, this is a overview of integrating GlusterFS with the Pacemaker cluster stack.

This tutorial gives an overview of

  • The Pacemaker stack,
  • Using GlusterFS for Pacemaker storage,
  • Managing GlusterFS volumes from Pacemaker.

Florian's original presentation included several live demos. In this version, they have been replaced by placeholders.


how to configure

Pacemaker and GlusterFS

The presentation cannot be viewed

Using a chrome browser, the presentation only shows the first page. It cannot be viewed or played. Can this be fixed? Thanks. 

Navigate with mouse, space or PgUp/PgDown

Have you tried actually clicking into the presentation and navigating with

  • your left (primary) mouse button,
  • the space bar,
  • the PgUp and PgDown keys?

Either of those should work. If none does, let us know.

It worked using space bar

It worked using space bar. It does not respond to 'left mouse' click in at least Chrome.