Roll Your Own Cloud

In this talk (with a highly unusual presentation style!), Florian and Tim Serong explore the capabilities of KVM, iSCSI, DRBD and Pacemaker to create a fully open-source enterprise cloud.

Shot at 2011 in Brisbane, this is a video of an entertaining talk featuring Florian speaking and Tim live-cartooning to the delight of the audience.


Can't see the media

Where is the media?

It's right here. :)

The embed only does HTTP, which your browser may filter from you if you're browsing our site using HTTPS. You have two options to get the video:

Let us know if that works for you. Thanks.

The video has been removed

Is there an alternative link for the video?

Video restored

We've now put the video on YouTube, from the original recording provided by Linux Australia.

Thanks for letting us know!

Looks like dropped this video without much warning. I have reached out to a few people; let's see if it can be resurrected. Thanks for the heads up!


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