hastexo Academy

Looking for the best OpenStack training you can get? hastexo AcademyTM lets your team learn from the best and brightest: our highly expert OpenStack consultants and instructors.

OpenStack training at hastexo Academy is the best option for acquiring deep and broad knowledge on the OpenStack Cloud platform in no time:

  • Highly interactive: our classes come with the maximum in interactivity. Course content is highly practical, with an emphasis on challenging lab exercises derived directly from our consulting practice.

  • Modular: you book only what you need. Want to get up to speed on Cloud Fundamentals? We‘ve got a course for that. Want to dive deep into OpenStack Networking? We have a special module. Need to learn about advanced OpenStack storage solutions? We‘ve got a specific course for that as well.

  • International: we offer open-enrollment courses on 5 continents, and continue to add more.

  • Custom Made: we offer custom-tailored courses, delivered on-site, to end customers and training partners.

Questions about our offering? Please get in touch - we’ll be most happy to answer them! Just give us a call at +43 720 005796 or contact us by email.