Availability Checkup

Do you have an open-source HA cluster setup in place, and think something's not quite right with it? Are you suffering from unexpected fail-overs or poor performance? Our Availability Checkup is how we help you find out what's wrong.

What we cover

Availability Checkup is a shrink-wrapped service package including up to four hours of remote consultancy. During the Checkup, one of our expert consultants will connect to your cluster and provide a detailed analysis of the current state of cluster-related components:

  • SAN connectivity (if installed)
  • DRBD (if installed)
  • I/O Multipath and network redundancy
  • Cluster communications layer (Corosync/Heartbeat)
  • Cluster resource management (Pacemaker)
  • Fencing
  • Cluster resource configuration
  • Application interfaces

We'll check software versions, examine configurations, and expose bottlenecks. We'll highlight things that you can improve. And of course, we'll warn you about potentially unstable or flaky features you may be using, and suggest alternatives.

We will not interfere with your services on a production setup. Our Availability Checkup procedures are non-intrusive and tested as safe to run on production machines.

Once we conclude the Availability Checkup, we'll provide you with a detailed report including suggestions for improvement.

How can I schedule a Checkup?

If you're already our customer, you can call us right now to schedule remote consultancy. If you're not, then you can either buy credits and schedule straight away, or just drop us a note to find out more!

Please note: scheduling an Availability Checkup requires a minimum account balance of 20 credits. Availability Checkup is only available as a remote service. For similar services conducted on-site, please see On-Site Consultancy.