On-Site Consultancy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. And there's no better knowledge transfer than in face-to-face communications. Get in touch, let us know what you're about to deploy. We'll get an expert on the ground to help you.

How can I schedule an On-site?

If you're already our customer, you can call us right now to schedule on-site consultancy. If you're not, then you can either buy credits and schedule straight away, or just drop us a note to find out more!

Included services

We have lots of practical, hands-on expertise on OpenStack. Whether you are looking to architect, implement, deploy, troubleshoot or optimize an OpenStack cloud, we can help you leverage that expert knowledge virtually anywhere in the world. This goes from small, specialized-cloud or PoC deployments to full-scale OpenStack private or public clouds.

Our consultants are also experienced professionals in Linux High Availability. We offer you full support for your new or existing HA infrastructure. We'll advise you as you select a platform to best match your requirements.  We'll set up and tune the components of the Linux HA cluster stack — Corosync, Heartbeat, Pacemaker and cluster services. And we'll help you hunt down bottlenecks before your new platform goes live.

We know the leading industry storage and virtualization solutions inside and out and can help you make an informed technology decision.

If you're building a highly available Linux-based platform, this is the perfect way to get professional and capable assistance.

One day, three days, a week? No problem!

We can tailor the length of an on-site engagement to your needs. We'll make suggestions, of course, but the decision is up to you. Whether you want our help for a day or a week: We're ready for you.

Please note: scheduling on-site services requires a minimum account balance of 40 credits for on-site engagements in Europe, 50 credits elsewhere. We'll bill travel and accommodation separately, based on actual expenses.