Hosting hastexo Classroom Training

We travel around the world to offer classroom training, and prefer to partner with a local organization to host our highly specialized training offering. If you would like to host a hastexo class on High Availability or OpenStack™, we want to talk!

We'll train your staff for free.

Yes, you read that right. For any class you host, you can nominate 20% of the attendees from your own ranks. They'll be fully included in the complete instruction program, and will leave the class with top-notch, first hand knowledge about High Availability or OpenStack™. And it won't cost you a penny.

We'll pay our own way.

The hastexo instructor delivering the class will pay his or her own travel, accommodation, and meals. This applies world-wide.

We'll come fully prepared and ready to go.

Your instructor will work with you in the run-up to the class. We always bring a detailed course agenda, slide decks, on-line lessons, and much more. We arrange travel so that your instructor arrives well rested and with ample lead time to the start of the class.

Please note: at this time, we offer our training services in English and German only.

Here's what we'd ask you to do:

  • Provide a suitable room with a projector, workstations, internet access, and preferably a break area nearby. The room should seat 10 attendees comfortably. If you have a training room or a large conference room, that usually works best.
  • Handle event registration and payment (in local currency) through Eventbrite or a similar event management service.
  • Support us in legal paperwork required for us to travel and teach at your location. You may have to provide an invitation letter or cosign a visa application, depending on your country's requirements.
  • Provide a technical liaison with whom our instructor can coordinate.
  • Facilitate attendee access during the training (provide visitor IDs, etc.).

Can do? Let's talk!

If you're able to host a class, and interested in doing so, please get in touch. We can usually accommodate special requests and make certain tweaks to the contractual framework. Just drop us a line — we love to hear from you!