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You've received help from one of us on IRC, on a mailing list, or at a conference? And we made a useful contribution to your setup, or fixed your problem? This is where you can say thanks — and read what other community members have to say about us!


Thanks for the help with my pacemaker config!

Thanks Florian for the tips on how to improve my highly available NFS share using DRBD+Pacemaker+Corosync! My cluster config is now a lot simpler and less complex.

Magician !

I had problem which i cannot solve within a week. Syed gave me the soultion to my problem in a few minutes :). Thank you very much.

Thanks for pointing this out

I had a hard time to get up an ha iSCSI Target. And 'iet' was giving me a headake why initiators lost connection during failover. Martin pointed out the right parameter to have a look at. Thanks for that, you saved my day!

Ceph at the italian OpenStack User Group meeting


Thanks again Florian. I'm going to try Ceph just because of your presentation at the italian OpenStack User Group meeting.

This is the second time that Hastexo! convinced me to try a new technology : as I said to you yesterday for my first OpenStack Essex setup I used your awesome guide! ;)


Thanks for the great Ceph presentation on OpenStack Israel


I've greatly enjoyed your Ceph presentation on OpenStack Israel. It was very "to-the-point" and I also liked that slides where very thin with information so I did not have to context switch between reading them and listening to you.

I hope you've liked your time in Israel.


P.S. Impress.js rules :)


Thanks for the kind words! And yes I greatly enjoyed my time in Israel; I really want to come back soon. :)

I think I get it now!

I was having some difficulty with a Linux HA Cluster setup. Madkiss  helped me, via IRC, understand what was needed to make it work at a very basic level by removing all the confusing periphery of options and tell me what I actually needed. He also answered a lot of questions I had open about the model and I walked away feeling confident I could make the model work if I approached it differently. If only I had had this information two weeks earlier I could have saved myself a whole lot of time and many panic attacks.

Thank you so very very much!

It's simple they deliver...

I was clueless and at manytime still am in regards to clusters!

Andreas was able to guide me through, what I was doing wrong with my Pacemaker configuration in regards with my DRBD setup in an LVM Nested enviroment.

He also assisted me with esxi fencing in a vsphere 5 environment.

Andreas was professional, patient and his friendly manner got me to the end goal.

I highly recommend Andreas and his team at hastexo.


better than a cup of hot cocoa

Hastexo never disappoints. Their help is spot-on and their service is invaluable. Thanks.


We had hit a road-block with GlusterFS.  We were anxious to get some help from hastexo as soon as possible, but were pleasantly suprised to find ourselves working with their experts in less than 20 minutes. 

Their help was *enormously* helpful!  We had no expectation that we would be able to get so much of their time on such short notice, but it is certainly appreciated.  We were up an running later that day.

(Florian Hass literally wrote the book on GlusterFS)

Thanks to Andreas

Thanks Andreas, you have been a great help with your knowledge of clustering with CRM & DRBD. will have lots of fun with cluster testing :-)

Thanks to Florian on DRBD tuning

Thanks for help on understanding buffer dynamic on secondary node. Assuming to use protocol C for DRBD, the tuning of max-buffers parameter hasn't  any harmful effect on data integrity but it may strongly boost throughput.

thanks for helping out on crm

thanks for helping out on crm cluster configuration issue related with stonith, the LCMC does not work on rhel/centos distro because rhcs fencing agent act differently compare with other distro, consider moving away from redhat distro now.

Many thanks to Andreas

I was struggling with my DRBD setup for a couple of days until Andreas "stepped in".

He's been very patient and helpful with my first steps into this field and with his assistance I got everything up and running.


Outstanding Knowledge Resource

The information I have gathered through studying the documentation created by Florian and the gang here has been a real catalyst in my development of several cluster environments that I administer, both at the college that I am primarily employed, and at my own business.  I am also impressed by and thankful for the 2012 LinuxConf.Au presentation on Corosync/Pacemaker/MySQL that was made available on YouTube.  Great material, and a professional team, to say the least.  Thanks!  

Thanks Florian, Andreas and Marin


The howto's written by Florian gave me the boost in learning how I should think about clustering. You all gave me tips and usefull feedback when I asked questions on irc, helping me understand my problem and find the solution. Without them it would have taken me much more time to learn how a pacemaker/corosync/drbd/nfs/mysql cluster should be setup.

Many thanks to all of you for that.


Thanks to fghaas and madkiss

I was trolling around for information on corosync and pacemaker, these two graciously gave me the information I was looking for on a few items, status of heartbeat vs corosync and information about the ppa for newer packages in the 10.04 lts release.

Information was exactly what I needed to make strategic decisions.

Thank you

Thanks to Madkiss

Spoke with Madkiss (Martin) on IRC and he helped me troubleshoot a master/slave resource that was bouncing. He was very helpful and patient. Thanks!

A word of praise for Florian

Just wanted to share my experience: I listened to one of the tutorials delivered by Florian Haas and was professinally and personally impressed: he's a very friendly guy happy to assist you with all the DRBD, pacemaker and corosync setup. Thanks for your help, Florian!


Andreas from Hastexo was very

Andreas from Hastexo was very helpful on IRC with some uncertainties I had regarding my DRBD/Xen setup.  Much appreciated.

Quick and professional

We've had an issue with slow sync rate in drbd. With the help of andreask on irc, it was solved in a matter of minutes.

newbie testing pacemaker

old heartbeat legacy user here

testing pacemaker I got live help on irc from fghaas, andreask and danfrincu despite my bad english

very friendly people.  thank you very much

Pacemaker, Corosync, and everything else related to clustering

I have received help from Florian, Andreas and Martin countless times on IRC and via email. They really go above and beyond the call of duty and have exceeded any expectations that I have had in this regards. 

Florian has helped me on many occasions, both professionally and personally, with issues related to Pacemaker, Corosync, Resource Agents and other, also by sharing his knowledge on fencing, clustered filesystems, scale-up and scale-out strategies, capacity planning and many more I can't remember at this time.

Martin built several cluster-related Debian packages for some issues that I have had and also provided a lot of insight on clustering over time.

Andreas has extensive knowledge in how the internals of the various cluster stacks work, as I could see he doesn't like things half-done, it's either a working solution or don't bother doing it.

I could go on and on, because I really appreciate the fact that they are close to the community (even as a company) and are willing to share some of their time to solve the different issues I or others have, but I will stop here and just say that regardless of the clustering issue I have, I can always count on an answer from these guys.

OCFS2 and dual primary DRBD on Pacemaker/Corosync

In a matter of just few hours, I got the reply from Florian and the other guys on the Pacemaker mailing list which pinpointed the problem in my Pacemaker configuration.

Explanation given was very precise, helpful and lead to better understanding of the Pacemaker/Corosync, DRBD and OCFS2 cluster stack.

Thank you very much for your timely assistance!


Andreask is the GURU!

I had been planning a pacemaker/openais/corosync/ocfs2 stack for a couple of months. When I tried to bring it from a test environment to online, I had problem after problem. Andreask, at the #linux-ha chat room, guided me through each of them one at a time with patience and tolerance. Thanks a million!

Timely help

I was seeking help on an existing pacemaker+drbd+mysql setup on the linux ha irc channel . Florian checked my config and was able to offer some great tips on what was wrong and what I can do to either fix it or troubleshoot further. It is amazing that there are people like him willing to help complete strangers on their own time.

Though I am not currently in a position to avail their professional services, would definitely recommend them to any small shops or companies that might be looking for similar setup needs.



saved a lot of time

I am running into trouble with glusterfs setup. It turns out, that my understanding of glusterfs was not completly true. after the explanation from andreask on #linux-ha everything was clear and it took not longer than max 5 minutes. so thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time.



Thank you

I really appreciate the fast & friendly support on irc. I had a Problem regarding the udev rules of drbd. It got fixed very fast. Thank you very much for your support and patience fghaas and keep up the good work :)

Very helpful

Got great help by Florian in getting my DRBD/clvm setup running, he even provided patches to the LVM resource agent to account for a problem I encountered. 


I'm in the process of making a new RA (my first one, actually) and had no clue of how to start. Thanks to fghaas and Madkiss on #linux-ha @ freenode for the great help they've provided. I'm starting to understand things now :)  Both have been very friendly and patient, providing me with lots of information.


kind regards,



Every time I've posted a query to the DRBD email list, Florian has provided incredibly helpful and timely responses.  A great piece of software, and incredible support.  Love these guys.


I commend these folks for their willingness to help! On irc, andreask has been so helpful. I was a complete newb with pacemaker and he helped me understand constraints, groups, primitives, etc. Anytime that I had a problem, he was there to help. Because of this, I am understanding pacemaker in a way that I never thought I could. 

In addition, Madkiss set up packages for Ubuntu Lucid for the latest editions of pacemaker, openais, ocfs2, heartbeat, etc. Were it not for these packages, I don't think that I would have ever been able to get pacemaker + openais + drbd + ocfs2 to work. Thanks to you both!


Excellent Support

Great support, they are very clued up and helpful!

These guys know their stuff

My clients had two situations with DRBD recently, growing beyond a 4TB array (which involved switching from a meta-disk to a flexible-meta-disk), and a more recent splitbrain situation.

These guys answered my questions and helped me every step of the way.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Gerald Brandt - Majentis Technologies 


You helped me out with several DRBD- and pacemaker-related issues understandingly, quickly and skillfully.  Much appreciated - thank you!  My cluster is healthier for it, and better understood.

Excellent expertise fast!

I had a configuration problem after upgrading Pacemaker and I had an answer in a matter of minutes.  And in that short time they were able to point out other flawed areas of my configurations!

They are truely experts at all aspects of HA and I highly recommend them for casual quick help, emergency events, and complete configuration assistance.  You wont be disappointed!

Excellent Advice

I've spent a lot of time working towards a working HA solution, and throughout the process I have received help and support from Andreas, Florian and Martin on all aspects of DRBD and Pacemaker configuration via IRC.  Definitely recommended!

very helpful indeed

Martin was extremely helpful in giving help on IRC. He found our problem after a few minutes. Much appreciated.

problem with iscsitarget and corosync on drbd - solved

Thanks for the fast help on #drbd!

Very fast and reliable

We had a problem with our DRBD scenario. After several hours looking for information to help solving the issue the best was to connect to #drbd and andreas and other guys solved the problem in a few minutes.

They were very friendly and efficient.

First-rate DRBD assistance

Googling my DRBD problem resulted only in questions on mailing lists without answers.  Five minutes in #drbd with Andreas and my question was answered along with some helpful advice for improving DRBD performance!

one of the best support on the OSS market

I didn't expect that that level of support are available when you are dealing with OSS products. I have several complicated issues with DRBD+Pacemaker - and they were helped. Even if you have problem with initial designe you'll be helped. I spent hours on the #linux-ha IRC channel not waiting for answer, but actually GETTING answer. Guys were helping me checking my configuration, checking my logs and applying fixes on the fly. Thanks a lot !!!

always helpful, always straight on the point

whether it's support via telephone or via instant messaging .. these guys know what they're doing. they even compiled new packages for our cluster 'cause clvmd wouldn't work anymore. all in all, it took roughly 30 minutes to get our systems up and going again. brilliant.

Thanks for the help!

I'm relatively new to DRBD, and had a problem that was causing one of my peers to be unsable. Your help in IRC resolved my problem very quickly, and my server is now running as it should be. Thank you!

Thanks for the help. Andreas

Thanks for the help. Andreas was so kind to help us. Therefore we could start our first Pacemaker/DRBD/PostgreSQL-Cluster.

Greets from Stralsund!

Thank you from France

heartbeat, openais, corosync, pacemaker, drbd, I've been using some of these softwares for more than 3 years.

Thanks to the community and especially to the members of your team, I've been able to acquire skills and i've setup 4 clusters at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne (FR) :
- drbd and iscsitarget cluster
- xen cluster
- lxc cluster
- services cluster (proxy, sql servers, anycast dns, ...)

Your level of expertise and scope of activities in the debian packaging, the contributing and authoring (cluster softwares, resources agents, documentation) and the support on IRC and in the mailing list contribute in making these opensource softwares innovative and professionnal.

Laurent D.
IT Engineer at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens - France)

Quick, courteous and most importantly correct!

I couldn't figure out why my STONITH resources were not working and within a very short time of posting a query, Andreas was able to point out exactly why and I again had working STONITH resources in very short order.  Thanks much!

Upgrade of a Pacemaker Xen cluster

We had some problems with a Pacemaker Xen cluster with several VM in production randomly rebooting machines due to some timeout.

We looked into the IRC channel for some tips on where to look for problems but instead we were helped in the procedure of upgrading to latest packages that should fix the bug we were hitting!

Thanks a lot!

Perfect support and excelent service

I have been using the community support channels for quite some time now and have always appreciated there help and great knowledge. I am excited to see hastexo start and grow.

just great!

Hello all,

Had a problem some days ago with routing on my corosync/pacemaker/drbd/asterisk cluster.

For this I posted a mail to the pacemaker mailinglist. It was just great, Florian Haas and another guy helped me within one hour.

Never saw something like this...

Thanks again,