Exetel relies on Ask The Expert Now™

Australian communications company Exetel relies on hastexo's remote professional service expertise through our unique Ask The Expert Now™ service offering.

Since 2004, Exetel has provided internet, telephone and other communications service at affordable prices to Australian business users at the highest levels of quality and at consistently high speeds.

Exetel offers residential and business DSL, wireless and fiber connectivity, hosting, cloud and infrastructure services, and VoIP telephony. The company has consistently maintained four-nines (99.99%) availability across all services over 78 consecutive months. Exetel serves approximately 125,000 customers throughout Australia and Asia.

Exetel’s Business VoIP is a Unified Communication service where voice and data, phone calls, faxes, SMS, email, web conferencing and more run over a single network. This Business VoIP infrastructure runs on the Linux platform and makes heavy use of the Linux high-availability stack based on Pacemaker, for which hastexo’s professional service consultants are world-renowned experts.

When a testing platform related to Business VoIP experienced scalability issues and was unexpectedly hitting performance bottlenecks, Exetel engineers knew whom to turn to. Capitalizing on the world-wide availability of hastexo’s remote consultancy services, Exetel quickly enlisted the help of Pacemaker scalability expert Andreas Kurz, one of hastexo’s Principal Consultants. With his help, Exetel was able to rapidly resolve the problem and continue with the prescribed testing procedures.

Exetel continues to rely on hastexo’s high availability expertise, making use of hastexo’s unique Ask The Expert Now™ system which enables Exetel to speak directly to a qualified technical expert at any time, in 15 minutes or less. hastexo provides a direct call-in number in Australia, available exclusively to Ask The Expert Now™ customers.

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