Florian Haas

Drawing from a decade of experience in open source technology, Florian is among the most renowned open-source high availability experts in the world. He has worked with customers of all sizes and markets, and is a frequent and highly sought-after conference speaker. A key contributor to the open- source high availability community, he maintains the Linux-HA User’s Guide and other technical documentation. He was also the original author of the DRBD User's Guide, a role he has since resigned.

Prior to co-founding hastexo, Florian wore many hats at Linbit, where together with Martin and Andreas he formed the core of the professional services team. Also jointly with Martin, he enabled Linbit to build an excellent curriculum for high availability training, and delivered classes frequently. And as the manager overseeing all of Linbit’s partner relationships, his friendly and professional style impressed many of his collaborators.

Florian has spoken at LinuxCon, linux.conf.au, LinuxTag, the MySQL User’s Conference & Expo, and many other conferences and events. Even in his CEO role, Florian continues to devote time to the open-source high availability community, and he can be frequently found on the Freenode IRC channels #drbd, #linux-ha and #linux- cluster. His IRC nick is fghaas.