Florian Haas

Portrait of Florian

Drawing from a decade of experience in open source technology, Florian is among the most renowned open-source high availability experts in the world. He has worked with customers of all sizes and markets, and is a frequent and highly sought-after conference speaker.

Besides his CEO duties, Florian serves as a consultant and instructor to our most high-profile clients.

Prior to co-founding hastexo, Florian wore many hats at Linbit. Florian has spoken at LinuxCon, linux.conf.au, LinuxTag, the MySQL User’s Conference & Expo, and many other conferences and events. Even in his CEO role, Florian continues to devote time to the open-source high availability community, and he can be frequently found on the Freenode IRC channels #drbd, #linux-ha and #linux-cluster.

His IRC nick is fghaas, his Twitter handle is @xahteiwi.