Martin Loschwitz

Martin Loschwitz is one of the original founders of hastexo, together with Andreas and Florian. Martin is an accomplished technical expert and frequently published journalist; he has published more than 250 articles in numerous magazines that focus on Linux. 

Since co-founding hastexo in 2011, Martin represented us as a speaker and instructor covering topics like high availability, distributed storage, and OpenStack. He has spoken extensively on all three topics at LinuxTag, the Open Source Data Center and Open Source Monitoring conferences, CeBiT, SLAC, and numerous other events.

At hastexo, Martin conducted both on-premise and open-enrollment training, developed training courseware, and had an active presales and consulting role.

Martin left hastexo at the end of August, 2014. His departure was on excellent, amicable terms and for personal reasons. We wish him well in his ongoing career.